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    You Ain’t Doing It Right 

    true in some cases, but, it is funny.

    Trashbaggage's Blog

    I took her home…The Star of the Hood…She’s the baddest chick…I wasn’t the right guy…I wasn’t doing it right…
    She kept slapping me with her Titty in my mouth…Tryna make me lick her coochie…I told her bad ass I don’t know how to do it right…
    She got mad…Started calling me a punk bitch muhfucka and some other shit…I went ahead and bit the bitch coochie…
    Then she said “You can bite…But you can’t lick & eat it huh”…She then yelled “Do it gently punk and slow down”…”Slow down motherf*****” she said…
    So I went faster and faster…That bitch used reverse psychology on me…
    I did exactly what she wanted me to do…Eat it fast & slow…Then she tried to suffocate my face in it…
    When she was done…She asked me “HOW DID YOU LIKE THAT”…I’m like Huh…bitch please…
    I hesitated for a minute…And said “Umm ah ah Goodddd”…


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    ‘Whitney Houston was murdered’ Says Private Investigator 

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    Love this

    Trashbaggage's Blog

    This is a LIST that never gets completed…It’s an ongoing list that never ends…
    You set your mind TO DO something…And dammit you get sidetracked…& invited into others’ involvement…With shit lined from heaven to hell…
    And you’re always @ the head of the line…Its no wonder you’re shit is never in order…Your priorities get set aside for your fellow man…
    And you go another day as usual with unfinished business…Now you’re  adding another check mark by the same ole category: BULLSHIT…Its becoming of you…
    The things you need TO DO…You don’t DO…But you’re willing to help DO someone else’s shit TO DO…
    So what you need TO DO…Is get TO your list…
    And DO it until its no more TO DO…


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    We have more postings coming up for you later today. Peace family.

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    Tags: blow jobs, felatio, girl night, ,   

    You are not cool, if you don’t do it.. 

    M2Dear HAB:

    A few nights  ago, I was hanging with my five closet girlfriends, who are all in serious relationships or are dating  someone.  We started talking about sex and the men in our lives, when the topic of blow jobs came up (pardon the pun).   I brought to the table that my boyfriend of  4 years, keeps asking me to do it for him and I haven’t been too interested.

    To my surprise all my girlfriends said, they don’t wait for him to ask and they do it as a part of their regular sex lives.  Plus, they enjoy doing it for him, WOW!!! They made me feel like, when we were in high school and kids would do that “Well, you aren’t cool if you don’t DO IT.” 

    Should I enjoy doing it more for him and offering it more often?  


    B.J. not included

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    Tags: 21, birthday, , everyone, , hippie, , , , smoke, visit,   

    Weed Generation aka “United We Smoke” 

    2149136951_mother_weed_xlargeI’m a single mom, with a 21 year-old daughter who is/was a good  college kid.  She just came home to visit with me, not too long ago.  During her visit when we were home spending time together, she pulls out a joint and asks me to join in with her and “Let’s get high mom.”

    I told her, “No.”, but, she said “everyone is doing it now mom.”  She is returning for a visit this winter break and I am expecting her to ask again.  Since, on a phone call, she implied “Let’s have a party night.”

    What should I tell her, I’m not quite sure, since it will also, be her 21st birthday, during the time she is with me.


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    Tags: , bite, california, dog bite, german shepard, , pit bull, , ventura county,   

    Doggie human treats 

    Crazy Dog eyes

    Dear HelpaBitch.com

    I rescued both my dogs I currently own.  One is a German Shepard mix 3 years old, the other is a Boxer/Pit mix, he is 4 years old.  I have never had any problems with them, until recently with the Shepard mix.  We were out walking, a jogger came close to us, while on our walk and my dog bit him.

    Now the county is asking that I put him to sleep, since he is a danger. Do I have any recourse, other than putting him to sleep, I live in Ventura county CA.



    Ventura County,CA

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    Tags: fun, gamenight, , , neighbors,   

    Game Night starter 

    game night

    Hi HelpaBitch:

    I know this might not be a fun question, but, I came across your site ans still thought I would ask it anyway.  I’m interest to get more of my neighbors over to my house to begin a game night.  Do you have any ideas/suggestions that can make this a fun time for all of us?


    Suzy James Whitman

    • Jacob 5:50 pm on January 5, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      another good game is Taboo, when we have neighbors over, everyone seems to enjoy that game.

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    Grandma, save your money 

    Grandma and money

    Hi Family:

    I am really concerned with how my 70-year-old mother is spending her money.  When I bring it up to her, she tells me to mind my own business.  But, considering the economic  times we live in, I feel I should be worried for her and saving?

    She sees something and decides she wants to buy it right away. It might be, new gadgets, house knickknacks, shoes pretty much every other weekend etc. What should I do?


    Concerned Daughter

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    Three’s company too… 

    Hey Yall;Threes company

    I know times are changing and couples do a lot of things to keep it spicy these days, but, I don’t know about this one.  My girlfriend of 5 years just asked me if i would be interested in a threesome?  At first I was kinda thinking WOW!!, which quickly turned to “WTF?” Here i was thinking we had a healthy  sex life.

    She wants the threesome to be us and another guy.  Get this, she wants me to make out with the guy!  I don’t have any prejudices against anyone and I have never been into dudes.  Her argument was “Guys always ask this of women, why shouldn’t she be able to ask and expect the same of them?”

    I didn’t know what to say.  Help a brotha out?


    Not confused

    • montrealthreesomes 5:01 am on December 8, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      You are in a difficult situation. You will have to certainly discuss it in more detail with her and look deep into yourself about what you can and cannot do. Can you see yourself kissing another guy? Doing more than kissing? Can you see yourself maybe doing a double penetration with another guy of your girlfriend or one of you being in her mouth and the other somewhere behind. Maybe without actually being involved with the guy at all sexually directly? If you can, then it may be possible to either fully or partially satisfy your girlfriend. If you cannot envision any of these scenarios without either disgust or impossible to manage jealousy, then you have to question the relationship.
      It is unlikely that if your girlfriend bought this up that it is a passing fancy (though perhaps it is – ask). More likely she needs to do this, and if you cannot do this with her then you may have a problem. Perhaps you can compromise as outlined above, or perhaps you can have tit for tat, pun intended and have a FMF threesome in exchange. I wish you luck, and if you want to read about our adventures – come to http://www.montrealthreesomes.com

      • helpabitch 9:46 am on January 18, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Thank You Lizzy, we have gotten alot of feedback about this one

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