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    We need more comments help us good peeps 

    Please tell people about us, so, we can get more pets adopted and Advice questions to our site.

    HelpaBitch.com HollyWood Barks

    We need more comments, help us good peeps?

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    Male vs Female Differences 

    This is the greatest.

    The Mad Hatters

    An artist sketched the faces of women he couldn’t see based solely on information provided by the women themselves. He then sketched a second portrait of the same women based on descriptions provided by other people. The sketches demonstrated that women see flaws in their own appearance that are not apparent to others – the sketches made from a stranger’s description being more flattering than those based on self-description

    As for men, however . . .

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    Laugh More, Hate Less 

    One of our favorites.

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    How to: Not Be an Overly Possessive Friend 

    Love this

    Cheeky Words


    So you want to know how to NOT be an overly possessive friend. Well, thankfully you came to the right place. Now first of all we need to define what an “overly possessive friend” is.  Now, the 1997 Journal of Words defines an overly possessive friend (OPF) as “one who secretly forbids any/ all other people from befriending their closest friend”.  This mentality stems from the OPF’s need to preserve the exclusiveness of the relationship. Current research from “scientists” reveals that 1 out of 5 friendships end due to friend-baggers (i.e. acquaintances who befriend/steal your friend).  These numbers have explained the steady rise of OPFs over the last few years. OPFs vary in severity. These 3 following categories are examples of how one can becomes an OPF.

    Category 1

    If you are in this category then you are aware of a friend-bagger eying your best friend. Like the steadfast elk…

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    Bringing you the latest..HelapBitch.com 

    Bringing you the latest..HelapBitch.com.

    Check out our web page, send your questions. We give good, funny advice. check out our artists & finally, visit our page to help get our pets adopted.)

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    Tags: boat, boston bombs, suspect   

    2nd Suspect of Boston shots fired 

    UPDATE:  he has been caught and is in custody, RIGHT NOW! he was caught just 15 minutes ago. Once,people heard,they began clapping and cheering, hopefully, his trial, won’t become a public lynching, but, we know the world will be watching.

    The police have found the 2nd suspect in the Boston marathon, was just found and shots have been fired and it looks like he is still alive, with a possible bomb around him,but, he is wounded. More to come2nd suspect bombing

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    Artists to Bark About: Ed Sheeran…Lego House (Lego Version) 

    Artists to Bark About: Ed Sheeran…Lego House (Lego Version).

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    Thinking about suing me? THIS is my lawyer. 

    Just watched this rerun, how hilarious!!!!

    Book of the Darned

    This is nothing, You ought to see how quickly a jury sees things Zargon’s way after he melts their dental fillings with his mind.

    ( I had a more serious posting in the works, but the news is so grim right now, I decided that something much lighter was needed.)

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    Husband and wife joke…….. 

    Too funny

    Nutritionnewjersey's Weblog

    A man came home and was greeted by his wife dressed in a very sexy nightie.
    ‘Tie me up,’ she purred, ‘and you can do anything you want.’
    So he tied her up and went golfing

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    Women’s Church Retreat 

    I wonder if she went to church like this?

    Trashbaggage's Blog

    …You mad now, huh? Why? He have to write that shit like that…
    First of all, bitch watch your mouth…calling my post SHIT! With your fake Christian ass…
    Now ,I have nothing against anyone belief…& I don’t!
    unlike most of you holier than thou muhfuckas ,pretending you saving souls and nshit. ..
    Oh yea we going there!! I don’t play with faith…
    Either I’m in or out..I know the difference…
    And not one of you fraudulent muhfuckas gonna tell me shit, so don’t try it…
    This year has rolled back around..
    now you holy hoes going to fellowship and lie @the women’s retreat. ..
    You been a badass bitch all year, fucking your best friend husbands and sisters boyfriend. ..
    Pulling dicks @ the stripped club and you pissy slutty drunk.
    now you going a retreat for a tune up,
    after repeating the same shit last year back at the resort for…

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